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Boeing, KAI signs MOA to develop F-15 Silent Eagle Conformal Weapons Bay

F-15 Silent Eagle. A file photo.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (BNS): Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (KAI) has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Boeing to design, develop and manufacture the Conformal Weapons Bay (CWB) for the F-15 Silent Eagle.

"KAI is a leading aerospace company with world-class core technical capabilities that complement Boeing's. We are excited about KAI's growing role on the development and production of key technologies for Boeing aircraft," Roger Besancenez, Boeing F-15 programme vice president, said Wednesday.

The CWB is an innovative internal carriage that will minimise the F-15SE's radar signature and significantly increase its tactical options.

The F-15SE is equipped with two internal bays -- one on each side -- and is designed for multiple carriage configurations, including advanced air-to-air and air-to-surface munitions.

The CWB is an option for any potential customer that requires the capability and can be installed on either new-build or existing F-15 series aircraft. The modular CWB also can be removed from the F-15 when it is not required, enabling the aircraft to transform to an external configuration within a matter of hours.

"Korean industry is an important partner and supplier to Boeing. This agreement with KAI will strengthen and deepen a mutually beneficial relationship," Boeing Korea President Pat Gaines said.

Under the agreement, KAI will build the wings and forward fuselage for the F-15K programme.

The F-15 Silent Eagle is a cost-effective, high-performance fighter aircraft to defend against future threats.

Currently, KAI and Boeing are associated in programmes like AH-64D Apache, Peace Eye Airborne Early Warning and Control programme, A-10 Wing Replacement Programme and all Boeing commercial airplane programmes.


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