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BAE receives 70 M777 howitzers contract from US DoD

BAE Systems lightweight M777 howitzer. Photo: BAE Systems.

WASHINGTON (BNS): The US Department of Defence has ordered 70 BAE Systems lightweight M777 howitzers to for US Army's Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs).

The order follows a $21million contract in July to design, develop, qualify and manufacture an improved Power Conditioning Control Module (PCCM).

The improved PCCM must be lighter but deliver better reliability and accommodate future accessories, such as electronic thermal management and laser ignition. It will also allow the use of lithium ion, as well as the current lead-acid, batteries.

Weighing in at less than 4200kg, the revolutionary M777 is the world's first artillery weapon to make widespread use of titanium and aluminium alloys, resulting in a howitzer which is half the weight of conventional towed 155mm systems.

The howitzers can be deployed by medium-lift helicopter quickly and beyond the reach of roadside bombs to otherwise inaccessible areas, extending its reach over the theater of operations.


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