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BAE producing weapons sights for Canadian Army

BAE Systems' thermal weapon sights (TWS).

LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS (BNS): BAE's Massachusetts Electronic Solutions division has received an order from Rheinmetall Canada Inc, for thermal weapon sights (TWS).

The company will provide Canadian soldiers with thermal weapon sights which will improve their situational awareness and survivability.

The thermal weapons sights will be integrated with the fire control system of 40mm grenade launchers as part of the Canadian Army's Close Area Suppression Weapon System (CASW).

The system will enhance weapon functionality and mission effectiveness by allowing for targeting independent of darkness and common battlefield obscurants.

"Our sights provide a tremendous day and night advantage in detecting, observing, and engaging the enemy. Simply put, they help soldiers achieve their missions and return home safely," Dennis Long, program manager for BAE Systems, was quoted as saying in the company news release.

The company now provides thermal weapon sights to eight countries. BAE Systems has delivered more than 91,000 thermal weapon sights to support operations of the US Army and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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