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BAE Systems conducts Paveway IV testing on Typhoon

Typhoon carrying Paveway IV guided bomb. A BAE Systems photo

WARTON, UK (BNS): The first ever release of a Paveway IV precision guided bomb from a Typhoon aircraft, using the avionics system to safely release the weapon, has been achieved in an hour long test flight over the Aberporth Range in Wales, according to BAE Systems.

Typhoon Test Pilot Nat Makepeace, who was at the controls of development aircraft IPA6, said, “This was a successful test flight demonstrating the avionics system is able to use global positioning system (GPS) data and target information sourced from the aircraft to prepare for the release. All communication with the aircraft and safe release of the bomb went to plan.”

The test is part of an ongoing programme to integrate Paveway IV onto the aircraft and builds on the environmental and jettison trials which have already been performed.

Paveway IV - the next generation guided weapon - selected by the UK Ministry of Defence for the Precision Guided Bomb (PGB) programme, is expected to be provided to the MOD early in 2012 when the RAF will start operational evaluation.

It has been successfully integrated onto the Harrier GR9/9A and Tornado GR4 and under contract is being integrated onto Typhoon and Joint Combat Aircraft.


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