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BAE Systems gets £ 17.5 million contract to refit HMS Edinburgh

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PORTSMOUTH, UK (BNS): Under a £17.5 million contract with BAE Systems, HMS Edinburgh has entered the dry dock in Portsmouth for a major overhaul. The move marks the end of a successful maintenance schedule for the Class that began in 1979.

According to a news release by BAE Systems, during the extensive refit, its hull will be coated with a super-efficient Sigma 990 paint to make it glide through the water more easily and an underwater spoiler known as a transom flap will be fitted to the stern, which together will cut fuel consumption by up to 15%. Weapons and communications systems will also be revamped and preparations are underway to remove all four of the ship’s engines, with two to be restored and the other two to be replaced.

“Today we have a much more intelligent approach to upkeep. We work with the Ministry of Defence to analyse trends as well as systems and equipment on board ahead of each refit so we only do the work that really needs doing. This helps to minimise the length of time the ships spends in the dock and ensure maximum value for the Royal Navy,” Malcolm Fudge, BAE Systems’ project manager responsible for the refit said in the release.

Lt Cdr Steve Connelly RN, the Senior Naval Officer, said: “Being in a reduced manned upkeep period has presented us with a different set of challenges in comparison to life at sea and we have all gained some valuable experience. I look forward to working with Team Portsmouth for the remainder of the last planned upkeep period for a Type 42 Guided Missile Destroyer.”

Recently, HMS York, HMS Liverpool and HMS Ark Royal were refitted by the company

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