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BAE gets $14 million to support Tomahawk Control System

Tomahawk Cruise Missile

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND (BNS): The US Navy has awarded BAE Systems a $14.8 million contract to provide technical services to maintain the weapon control system for the Tomahawk cruise missile.

BAE Systems will perform a range of services, such as testing and evaluation, analysis, and technical documentation.

These services will support the Navy's command and control systems that handle the preparation, test, and launch of Tomahawk missiles from surface ships.

The contract includes an initial one-year term plus four option years. If all of the options are exercised, the total value could reach approximately $14.8 million, BAE said.

The work will be conducted at Navy facilities in Dahlgren and managed at BAE Systems Support Solutions offices in King George and Stafford, Virginia.


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