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BAE gets 46million support contract for Sampson radars

Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan. A file photo

PORTSMOUTH (BNS): BAE Systems has received a contract worth £46 million (US$ 73.61 million) from MBDA to upkeep the Sampson multi-function radars on board the Royal Navy’s Type 45 anti-air warfare destroyers.

The six year support contract entails providing technical support, spares and repairs service as well as maintenance for the Sampson radars installed on all six Type 45 destroyers of the Royal Navy, both in-service and those yet to enter service.

The support contract, awarded by MBDA, is designed as a forerunner to a full ‘contract for availability’ arrangement and will generate data on the radar's performance which will enable a long-term support solution to be delivered to the Royal Navy, BAE said.

A joint MBDA/BAE Systems waterfront team will carry out the contract work at the Type 45's home port of Portsmouth Naval Base.

The Sampson multi-function radars act as the warships’ ‘eye in the sky’, enabling them to detect and view objects on land, sea and in the air, as well as combining the roles of surveillance, dedicated tracking and weapon communication functions.

The phased-array radar also functions as part of the Sea Viper air defence missile system, which is the Type-45’s principal anti-missile system.

The weapon system, which consists of MBDA-designed Aster 15 and Aster 30 missiles, the Sampson radar, a combat and control system and the Sylver missile launching system, has been designed to defend the Type 45 warship against multiple attacks by aircraft or missiles approaching from any direction and at supersonic speed.

The Royal Navy has so far commissioned three Type 45 destroyers – HMS Daring, HMS Dauntless and HMS Diamond. The remaining three warships are expected to be delivered by 2013.


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