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Australian warship to be fitted with Aegis System

The Air Warfare Destroyer of Australian Navy. Image credit: Australian Defence Department

CANBERRA (BNS): The Royal Australian Navy's Air Warfare Destroyer HMAS Hobart is all set to be equipped with the US-made Aegis Combat System after a range of US Navy tests verified their performance, the Australian Defence Department has said.

“This system is capable of detecting and defeating multiple hostile aircraft and missiles at ranges in excess of 150 kilometres. With this system deployed, the Air Warfare Destroyer will be able to provide protection for a naval task force against air, surface and submarine threats,” Australian Defence Material Minister Greg Combet said.

Australia is building three Air Warfare Destroyers for its Navy which will provide air defence to accompanying ships, land forces and for self-protection against missiles and aircraft.

The warships will also carry a helicopter for surveillance and response to support key warfare areas. Their surface warfare function will include long range anti-ship missiles and a naval gun capable of firing extended range munitions support of land forces.

The Hobart Class will also conduct undersea warfare and will be equipped with modern sonar systems, decoys, surface-launched torpedoes and an array of effective close-in defensive weapons.

HMAS Hobart is the first of the three such warships to be fitted with the Aegis Combat and Weapons System. It is scheduled to be delivered to the Royal Australian Navy in 2014.

“Work on other sub-systems in the Air Warfare Destroyer combat system is also progressing well with the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance recently signing a $20 million contract with McDonnell Douglas (a subsidiary of Boeing) for the Advanced Harpoon Weapon Control System,” Combet said.

The Aegis Combat System is an advanced command and control and Weapon Control System that uses powerful computers and radars to track and guide weapons to destroy enemy targets.

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