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Army Infantry commanders meet to discuss security issues

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Fast paced changes in the security situation along Pakistan and China border, Maoists threat, low intensity conflict and Army infantrymen's readiness to meet these challenges came up for discussion at a conference of infantry commanders that began at Mhow in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday.

Chaired by Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor, the biennial meet, which will go on till September 17, is further expected to discuss future increases in its strength, including raising of new units to deal with fourth generation warfare threats posed by militants in Jammu and Kashmir, North East and the Naxals in Central India.

The meeting, presided by Army's Director General (Infantry) Lt Gen Jasbir Singh, would also introspect on the infantry battalions' and formation's capabilities, training curriculum, and look at future technologies -- both weaponry and Information Technology -- for infantrymen.

"The theme of the conference is 'Transformation of Infantry to Meet Future Challenges' and it will crystal gaze towards a vision for infantry of the future," Army sources said here.

India's ongoing Future-Infantry Soldier as a System (F-INSAS) would also come up for critical examination in the subsequent days of the three-day conference, sources added.

"The main focus is on measures directed at transformation of the infantry into a lean, agile, versatile, optimally configured arm to conduct operations at short notice across the entire spectrum of warfare," Army sources said.

The commanders of Infantry battalions and formations would debate means to adapt to modernisation, future weaponry and also come up with ideas for operational planning, training and management of assets and personnel.

"The changing geo-strategic environment, threat perception, technological advancements and training aspects are being discussed at the conference," they said.

Officers of infantry from Army Commands, Operational theatres and training establishments were participating in the debates, sources said.

A technical exhibition related to latest innovations and techniques in the field of weaponry and modern equipment systems at the Army's Infantry School was part of the conference, they added.

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