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Arms sales pose no threat to global stability: China

Chinese missile models on display during an international defence exhibition. An internet photo

BEIJING (PTI): Emerging as one of the major arms exporters in the world, China has said its sale of artillery will continue to rise but it would not pose any threat to global stability.

"China has taken a very prudent and responsible arms sales policy, and its arms trade has been following the relevant international laws," Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told reorters last week.

According to a study by a Sweden-based Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), China has emerged as the fifth largest exporter of arms in the world after the US (30 per cent of global arms exports), Russia (26 per cent), Germany (7 per cent), France (6 per cent) and China (5 per cent).

Last year China surpassed the UK to take the fifth position.

Due to lower prices, practicability on the battlefields, and good after-sale services, China's military products have found their markets, state-run CCTV reported.

Most of its exports are home-grown armoured vehicles, light weaponry, air planes and ships. And most are also well used by the People's Liberation Army.

Globally, China has sold over 20 different vessels.

Chinese military contracts on several fronts have seen a steady growth.

"China has always adhered to the principle that arms exports should not impair peace, security and stability of regions or the world at large. China's arms sales abides by the relevant UN resolutions and international laws," Yang said.

"China's arms sales are on the basis of good diplomatic relations. It's based on the principle of mutual respect and benefit, in helping relevant regions to carry out normal defence needs. The arms trade will not change the regional security balance," said Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo, director of Chinese Navy Information Technology Advisory Committee.


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