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Arianespace aims 12 launches in 2011

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EVRY (BNS): Arianespace will use the “world’s best operational launch team” to meet its goal of performing a planned total of 12 missions in 2011, including the ATV 2, "Johannes Kepler”.

The first launch of 2011 will open with Ariane 5's milestone February 15 flight from the Spaceport, which is to orbit the second Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) for Europe, according to the company news release.

Arianespace will begin operating the Soyuz launch complex in April and plans to carry out at least two Soyuz launches during the year from the Guiana Space Center. At the same time, Arianespace has planned three Soyuz launches from the Cosmodrome in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Arianespace and ESA have also signed the production contract for the first operational launch of the Vega light launcher, while Arianespace and ELV have signed the VERTA framework contract concerning the supply of five Vega launchers following the qualification flight.

Arianespace will take over responsibility for Vega launch facilities at the end of June, and then it will carry out the first Vega launch during the second half of the year.

Till date, Arianespace has signed contracts for 29 geostationary satellites, six Ariane 5 launches of the ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) to the International Space Station, and 18 Soyuz launches.


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