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Apache pilots fire first Hellfire missiles in UK

An Army Air Corps Apache from 656 Squadron fires a Hellfire missile off the coast of Scotland during Exercise Joint Warrior. Photo: UK MoD.

LONDON (BNS): For the first time Hellfire missiles have been fired in the UK in the Joint Warrior war games which began from 16 April.

According to the Ministry of Defence, this is the first time that Apache pilots have fired live missiles in the UK although the anti-armour missile has been used in combat by British forces in Afghanistan and Libya.

Two Army Apache helicopters from 656 Squadron Army Air Corps (AAC) fired one Hellfire missile each at a training target positioned by HMS Illustrious in the sea off northern Scotland during the war games, it said.

The Apaches and Illustrious are two pieces in the enormous 'jigsaw' that is the latest Joint Warrior exercise taking place at various locations in Scotland involving more than 8,000 participants and 30 warships and auxiliaries.

Joint Warrior is conducted in the spring and autumn of every year. The war game provides co-ordinated training for all three UK Armed Services, along with visiting forces from allied nations such as the US, Denmark, Norway, France, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.

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