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Antrix to boost market share in remote sensing data products

HYDERABAD (PTI): Antrix Corporation, the commercial arm of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), plans to increase its remote sensing data products market share with the launch of Resource-sat-2, a remote sensing satellite using PSLV C-16 version rocket next month.

Murthy Remilla, Deputy Director, business development (remote sensing) of Antrix said that the number of ground stations which Antrix has been operating across the world may also go up from 20 at present.

“The number of ground stations will increase and the number of countries we service will also increase.

“Currently the Indian Remote Sensing data products are reaching around 70 countries either through a reseller or through our own ground station. Now we want to increase our presence in Latin America and Africa with the launch of new satellite. Additionally 2 to 3 ground stations may also come up in these areas, Remilla told PTI at the Geospatial World Forum-2011.

Replying to queries on revenues, Remilla said this year also they are likely to touch Rs 1000 crore turnover mark.

"We have six operational satellites providing different services to various customers. Currently revenues from remote sensing market are at $20 million or about Rs 90 crore and thus account for 10 per cent of Antrix revenue. With the launch of Resource sat-2, we are hopeful of increasing the market share," he added.

Speaking about the cost effectiveness of remote sensing products, he said Antrix products are 20 to 50 per cent cheaper.

Currently Antrix has four satellites serving its customers in both domestic and international markets. The services of Resources sat-1, which is working beyond its term, are being used by various international agencies like the United States Department of Agriculture.


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