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Antonov, US Aerospace to bid for USAF tanker programme

The winner of the KC-X programme is slated to replace older KC-135s of US Air Force.

LOS ANGELES (BNS): Antonov and US Aerospace, Inc. have announced to bid together for the KC-X tanker modernisation programme of the US Air Force (USAF).

Both companies have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to bid on the request for proposal to supply 179 aerial refueling tankers to the USAF.

“Antonov’s participation in the USAF tanker bid with US Aerospace, Inc. is an historic opportunity for Antonov to showcase its premier design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to the world,” Dmytro S. Kiva, President and General Designer of Antonov, said in a news release by the US Aerospace.

Under the agreement, both companies will bid for the three models of KC-X programme, the AN-124-KC, AN-122-KC, a twin-engine variant of the AN-124-100 with advanced engines, electronics and avionics and AN-112-KC, an updated airframe designed specifically to meet the tanker programme requirements.

According to the release, the tanker modernisation programme is expected to be the largest contract in Pentagon history.

The AN-225 aircraft which is designed, built and operates by Antonov provides strategic airlift capabilities for the US Department of Defense and others.


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