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Amid tensions, U-2 spy planes keep watch on NKorea

The Lockheed Martin built U-2 'Dragon Lady.'

OSAN AIR BASE, S.KOREA (AP): As a sleek black U-2 roars back from a mission, Pontiac cars zoom along the runway to help it touchdown using a method unchanged for more than 50 years ago when this Cold War-era aircraft was cutting-edge.

"It's notorious for being hard to land," the pilot says after climbing out of the cockpit.

Despite its age, the legendary U-2 "Dragon Lady" remains one of Washington's most prized possessions on the Cold War's last hot front.

Pumped up by a USD 1 billion overhaul, a trio of these piloted aircraft is proving they can still compete with the most futuristic drones on a crucial mission: spying on North Korea.

For more than 35 years, the U-2 has been one of Washington's most reliable windows into military movements inside the secretive nation.


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