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Ambajhari ordnance factory to produce 5,000 Pinaka rockets

The Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System of DRDO. A Brahmand photo.

NAGPUR (PTI): The Ordnance Factory Ambajhari near Nagpur is all set to enhance its manufacturing capacity of Pinaka rockets from the present 1,000 rockets to 5,000 every year.

"Pinaka rocket is one of the major projects (of the OFAJ). The multiple rocket launcher has successfully been indigenised and production of Pinaka rocket is in association with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)," official sources said.

Pinaka rocket is operable at extreme conditions of temperature ranging from -10 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius, they said.

"These rockets, with a payload of 100 kilograms, have a striking range of 40 kilometres and can bring devastation around 500 kilometres of surrounding areas of the target," sources said, adding the rocket has already been tested and inducted into the arsenal of the Indian Army.

Terming it an important project for the factory, they said the work in this regard will commence very soon.

Each Pinaka battery consists of six launcher vehicles, each equipped with 12 rockets, six loader-cum -replenishment vehicles, 2 command post vehicles with a fire control computer and a radar.

Sources also talked about factory's indigenously produced AN-32 Platform that was handed over to the Indian Army in July last year.

Terming AN-32 Platform as another important milestone in factory's history, they said it is an Aerial Delivery System to para drop vehicles from height of 500 to 700 metres, with the help of parachutes.

The platforms loaded with vehicle are carried on hydraulic trolley to airbase and the same is put inside an AN-32 aircraft with the help of a hydraulic trolley and manual push, they said.

The platforms, along with parachutes, are dropped from aircraft at the desired locations. Loaded with vehicles, they get stabilised and land on ground with the help of parachutes.

The system is designed and developed in collaboration with the Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment (ADRDE) and is a substitute to Russian AN-32 Platform system.

Established in 1966, Ambajhari ordnance factory is a premier factory in the family of 41 ordnance factories. It is engaged in manufacturing and supply of ammunition hardware parts, shells, fuzes, rockets, cartridge cases, assault bridges and high strength aluminum alloys.

The 41 defence production units and factories under the Defence Ministry are engaged in the production of weapon systems, armoured personel carrier, tanks and ammunitions and equipments required by the Indian Armed Forces and Para Military Forces in the country.


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