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Algeria takes delivery of new amphibious ship

The new Algerian warship is based on Italian Navy's "San Giusto" class LPD (in photo). Courtesy: Italian MoD

LA SPEZIA, ITALY (BNS): The Algerian Navy has received its new multi-role landing platform dock (LPD) ship from Orizzonte Sistemi Navali (OSN), a Fincantieri/Selex ES joint venture, on September 4.

The amphibious warship, named the "Kalaat Beni-Abbes", was handed over to the Navy at the Muggiano shipyard in La Spezia, Italy in the presence of high-ranking officials.

Developed as a technological enhancement of the Italian "San Giusto" class of amphibious vessel, the "Kalaat Beni-Abbes" retains and even perfects some of the former's most significant features.

The most important of these is the presence of an internal floodable dock, capable of accommodating a ready-to-go chaland (a 20-metre landing craft); the other two landing craft of the same size can travel attached to the ship's deck, and can be deployed using a system of davits.

If necessary, the dock can be emptied to accommodate other types of vehicles, Fincantieri said.

The "Kalaat Beni-Abbes" is 143 metres long with a 21.5 metre beam and has a full load displacement of about 8,800 tons. With two diesel engines, it can reach speeds of over 20 knots, and carry a total of 600 personnel including 430 soldiers, 12 flight service specialists and 152 crew.

The warship has a full-length flight deck, with two helicopter landing spots, fore and aft. It is also equipped with a 60-bed hospital and several operating theatres, to provide medical support to both troops and civilians during humanitarian operations.

Algeria had awarded the LPD contract to Italy in 2011, and as part of the contract, the training of Algerian personnel by the Italian Navy has been taking place since 2013, using the facilities of the Fincantieri Training Academy.

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