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AgustaWestland unveils AW139M military helicopter

The AW139M is a customized military version of the multi-role, AW139 helicopter.

ORLANDO (BNS): AgustaWestland has featured its AW139M military helicopter for the US Air force at the AFA Air Warfare Symposium, Florida.

The helicopter is a customised military version of the multi-role, AW139.

“AgustaWestland meets every US Air Force CVLSP mission requirement while offering substantial acquisition and operational savings. The innovation and investment made by AgustaWestland ensures the lowest risk, most cost effective replacement for the CVLSP platform,” R. Scott Rettig, chief executive officer, AgustaWestland North America, said.

The helicopter is integrated with proven US military technology for the US Air Force’s Common Vertical Lift Support Programme. It has a high-definition FLIR, self protection equipment including infrared detection and countermeasures, avionics and heavy duty landing gear.

For military missions, the AW139M features a low thermal and acoustic signature and is available with a full ice protection system, allowing all-weather operation at the US Air Force’s northern-tier missile bases.

The AW139M CVLSP also includes dedicated equipment such as armored seats to improve crew protection, ballistically-tolerant, self-sealing fuel tanks and an external stores system for carrying gun pods, missiles and air-to-ground rockets.

With unrivalled range and the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, the AW139M sets standards of multi-mission performance in hot and high conditions with a cruise speed of 165 knots.


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