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Affiliation of IAF 17 Squadron with Army's Sikh Light Infantry regiment signed

AMBALA, HARYANA (PTI): The affiliation of 17 Squadron of the Indian Air Force (IAF) with the Sikh Light Infantry regiment of Indian Army was formally signed at a ceremony at the Ambala Air Force Station on Monday.

Army Chief General M M Naravane was present on this occasion.

The charter of affiliation was signed by Gen Naravane and Air Commodore Tarun Chaudhry of 17 Squadron.

The affiliation of the regiment with the Rafale Squadron of the Western Air Command will assist them in development of mutual understanding of joint ethos, capability, limitations and core competencies of other service through common understanding of military tactical doctrines and concepts in the contemporary conflict environment, according to an official statement.

The 17 Squadron Air Force – the Golden Arrows – was formed in Ambala on October 1, 1951.

The 'Golden Arrows' symbolises the golden radiance of the creator, rising heavenwards, illuminating the entire universe.

The squadron played an active role in the 1965 war against Pakistan.

It was commended for its brilliant role in the 1971 war.

The President's Standards were awarded to the squadron in 1988 in recognition of its dedication to the cause of the nation.

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