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Aerojet to supply warheads for SM-2, SM-6 missiles

A file photo of SM-2 missile.

CALIFORNIA (BNS): American defence contractor Aerojet will supply its MK 125 warheads for Raytheon’s family of Standard Missiles being developed for the US Navy.

The warheads will be fitted in the SM-2 and SM-6 missile systems. The deliveries will begin in 2010, Aerojet announced on Tuesday.

The manufacturing will be done at the company’s modern, low-cost, load assembly and pack facility at Camden in Arkansas.

“The MK 125 consolidates our position as Raytheon and the US Navy's major energetic systems provider for the SM-2 and SM-6 missiles, complementing our MK 104 and MK 72 propulsion programmes,” Vice President of Tactical Programs, John Myers, said.

The SM-2 missile is designed to provide area defence against enemy aircraft and anti-ship cruise missiles. It is deployed in various configurations.

The SM-6 extended range active missile is being developed to act as a long-range anti-air warfare missile for the US Navy. The weapon will be used against fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles and land attack anti-ship cruise missiles in flight, both over sea and land.

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