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Aakash to be displayed at Seoul Aero Show

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COIMBATORE (PTI): The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will showcase Aakash and Prahar missiles at the International Aero show scheduled in Seoul from October 29, a top official said on Saturday.

The DRDO-developed ballistic missiles would be showcased to demonstrate to other countries the knowledge and strength of Indian scientists in this technology, Air Defence Programme Director of DRDO in Hyderabad Adalat Ali told reporters here.

Since Prithvi I has been phased out as it outlived its life of 10 years, DRDO wanted to develop an upgraded version and had come out with Prahar, surface-to-surface guided short range missile, he said.

While Aakash had a range of 30km, Prahar, a tactical ballistic missile, already carried out a test trial, will have 125 to 150 kms range, Ali said, adding, that the second test trial would be held soon.

When asked about the commercialisation and export opportunity of the missile, he said it was for the Government to decide.

He said Prahar could be inducted into the Defence by 2015.

On upgrading the 5000 km range Agni-V, he said there was always the possibility of extending the capacity or range, since technology was already available.

However, repercussions from other countries, particularly European nations, have also to be considered while enhancing the capacity, Ali, who was here to attend the i3 Expo 2013, a National level exhibition on Ideas, Invention and Innovations, organised by PSG Tech Alumni Association, said.


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