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ATK, HBC to demonstrate Guided rocket for AT-6 LAAR

Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance (LAAR) aircraft

PARIS (BNS): The Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR) built for HBC’s AT-6 Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance (LAAR) aircraft will be demonstrated by ATK by the year end, according to Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC).

“We are excited to showcase the capabilities of this weapon system on the AT-6,” Jim Maslowski, HBC president, US and International Government Business said.

GATR is a 70mm precision system that uses a Semi-Active Laser guidance package to achieve extreme accuracy against both stationary and moving targets. With GATR, the pilot is able to lock-on before launch to ensure that only the target of interest is engaged, providing precision strike with much less collateral damage at a significantly lower cost than current guided missiles.

GATR is deployed from a light-weight 2.75”/70mm Modernised Rocket Launcher in a seven-tube configuration for fixed-wing platforms and either a seven or 19-tube configuration for rotary wing platforms.

It can be used for air-to-ground and ground-to-ground missions, including military operations in urban terrain.

HBC has developed the AT-6, which is designed and built to provide close air support and light attack capabilities required to meet the Department of Defence’s Building Partnership Capacity needs.

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