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Lockheed delivers 2 upgraded Light Armored Vehicles to US Marine Corps

The first two of the 52 upgraded Command and Control variants of the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) hav...

Israel to buy world's most advanced fighter aircraft

The minister "approved in principle" a recommendation by the military to purchase the F-35...

Lockheed-designed new launching system tests Nulka missile

Lockheed gets US Navy contract to support Tomahawk missile programme

Under the contract, Lockheed will provide systems engineering, software development and hardware sup...

Lockheed, Raytheon tie-up for US missile interceptors programme

The two companies will jointly pursue the US Missile Defense Agency’s ground-based midcourse d...

US Congress to supply 18 F-16 aircraft to Oman

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) will upgrade F-16 Block 50/52 aircraft with its site ...

Lockheed delivers decoy payload for ship-defence system

Lockheed Martin has manufactured and delivered the 1,000th payload for the Nulka decoy program, a jo...

F-35 Lightning II wing assembly production kicks off

The actual center wing assembly of the multi-role 5th generation fighter F-35 Lightning II will begi...

F-16, world’s most advanced 4th gen fighter: Lockheed

The F-16 offers the latest technologies and capabilities available today – including AESA rada...

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