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Russian Air Force gets three modernized An-124s

The Russian Air Force has received three modernized Antonov An-124-100 transport aircraft while four...

Bus-sized asteroid comes extremely close to Earth

The asteroid, 2012 BX34, passed within 59,044 km of Earth, coming much nearer than the Moon but did ...

Astronomers find full Moon sized galaxy cluster

The massive galaxy cluster, lying in the constellation of Cetus, is dominated by dark matter and is ...

Two Earth-sized bodies with oxygen rich atmospheres found!

Astrophysicists say the two Earth-sized bodies discovered with oxygen rich atmospheres are actually ...

An earth-sized hole in Jupiter discovered by an amateur

An amateur Australian astronomer has discovered that a large comet or asteroid has crashed into Jupi...

'Everything worth doing cannot be summarized on an Excel spreadsheet'

NASA chief laments the “sustained loss of vision for the American space program” as the ...

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