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Collision of two stars give birth to a new star

Scientists have revealed a pair of white dwarfs, who are set to collide with each other and create a...

A pair of white dwarfs in the process of 'rebirth' spotted

Astronomers for the first time have discovered two white dwarf stars revolving around each other at ...

Astronomers discover explosive merging white dwarfs

The white dwarfs found in this survey are lightweight among white dwarfs, holding only about one-fif...

White dwarf star system exceeds mass limit

Until recently, it was thought that white dwarfs could not exceed what is known as the Chandrasekha...

White Dwarf: Faint remnant of a star in its final evolutionary phase

The celestial object is not very hot when formed, but without any source of energy, it gradually coo...

ESA's XMM-Newton telescope detects white dwarf

The star is expected to explode in a few million years, resulting in a spectacular celestial sight....

White dwarfs show evidence of orbiting asteroids, rocky planets

The new findings by NASAs Spitzer space telescope might help astronomers measure the composition of...

Astronomers discover hottest white dwarf

German and American astronomers have revealed that white dwarf KPD 0005+5106 is among the hottest st...

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