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Chinese Army conducts live-fire drills in Tibet plateau

China's military says it has conducted live-fire exercises in the remote mountainous Tibet region to...

China operationalises its stealth fighter, tested in Tibet

China has operationalised its first stealth aircraft and tested it in the rugged Tibet region for it...

PLA equips all ground forces with new attack helicopters

China's military has equipped all of its ground forces with advanced WZ-10 combat helicopters which ...

Chinese troops hold military drills in Tibet

Chinese troops have conducted military exercises at the foot of a high altitude mountain in Tibet to...

China flashes images of recent military drill in Tibet

A state-run news daily has flashed pictures of the recent "first ground to air military exercise" he...

China steps up military drills in Tibet

While the People's Liberation Army's naval forces in East China Sea have practiced capture of island...

China plans to build astronomical observatory in Tibet

The planned observatory will enable scientists from China, Japan and South Korea to build large-scal...

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