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NASAs Mars rover Spirit may not survive long

NASA’s Mars rover Spirit, which is completely bogged in the sands of the Red Planet, may not s...

Northrop begins upgrade of US Air Force's B-2 Spirit

Installation of a new set of hardware on the stealth bomber will enable it to send and receive battl...

Mars Rover Spirit now a new stationary science platform

The Mars Explorer became stuck in soft soil last year and all the efforts to extricate it have faile...

NASA attempts to free stuck Mars rover Spirit

NASA will try to free the Mars exploration rover Spirit from its Martian sand trap....

Mars rover not in good spirits!

NASA plans diagnostic tests for its Mars rover Spirit after it failed to report weekend activities...

NASA's Spirit Rover calls home

Thursday's communication confirmed that Spirit had received commands sent on Tuesday and that the ba...

Mars Spirit is quiet: NASA

The news of Spirit becoming incommunicado comes just a day after NASAs Phoenix lander died fightin...

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