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BlackMax to search for extra dimensions in space

New Black hole simulator to search for dimensions in space at Large Hadron Collider


'Magnetic Bubble' to shield astronauts from deadly space weather

A giant 'magnetic bubble' to shield astronauts and their spacecraft from deadly cosmic rays on futur...

Space telescope captures 'Ghost of Mirach'

NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer lifts suspense over 'Ghost of Mirach', provides new insight into fo...

Endeavour crew completes dress rehearsal for next Space Station launch

Completing three days of intense training at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, STS-126 crew returned to H...

Venezuela enters space era with China launched satellite

Venezuela made its entry into the elite space club with the launch of its first satellite on Thursda...

US astronauts to vote from space

For the first time a ballot will be traveling almost 354 km above Earth to enable two US astronauts ...

Chandrayaan enters deep space after covering 150,000 km

The antennas of the Indian Deep Space Network at Byalalu are playing a crucial role in tracking and ...

Soyuz capsule returns with millionaire space tourist

The Russian Soyuz capsule carrying US millionaire and space tourist, Richard Garriott, and two Russi...

"Time to revitalize US space programme"

US Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama called for revitalizing American sp...

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