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China successfully launches 2nd space lab

China on Thursday night successfully launched its second experimental space lab as part of an ambiti...

Chinese astronauts succeed in manual docking with space lab

Three Chinese astronauts, including a woman, on the country's fifth and longest manned space mission...

China to launch second manned spacecraft to test its space lab

China will launch a second manned space mission this month to test its space lab being built to riva...

China catching up with US in space tech: scientist

With China poised to establish its own space lab after the successful launch of its manned mission t...

China gears up to launch its first space lab

The unmanned Tiangong-1 space module is set to launch into low Earth orbit between September 29 and ...

Japanese astronaut to try flying carpet in space lab

A Japanese astronaut going to space this month will try to fly on a carpet, use eye drops in zero gr...

China to establish space lab in 2011, station in 2020

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said it is the Chinese people's persistent aspiration to develop the mann...

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