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A warning system to protect astronauts from solar storms

Scientists have claimed to have developed a system which can warn astronauts and air crew about radi...

Solar storm not as strong as feared

A solar storm of charged particles which erupted two days ago hit the Earth Friday but did not cause...

Strong solar storm hits Earth; may cause brilliant auroras

A massive solar storm -- pegged to be the strongest in the last six years -- has hit the Earth's mag...

Solar storms 'could sandblast the moon'

For the first time researchers have attempted to predict the effects of a Coronal Mass Ejections (CM...

'Sun-triggered magnetic storms could pose greater threat'

Magnetic storms set off by the Sun could pose a bigger threat than previously thought to the satelli...

Solar storms may wreak havoc on Earth in 2013

The intensity of solar storms is expected to peak in 2013 and may devastate critical infrastructure ...

Solar storms may cause 'global Katrina' any time: Scientists

As the Sun set to enter its "most active" period, the Earth may now be more vulnerable to a ferociou...

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