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JPL, Masten testing new precision landing software

A year after Mars rover Curiosity's landed on Mars, engineers are testing a sophisticated flight-con...

US Navy successfully demonstrates UCAS-D software

The test, conducted July 2 in the western Atlantic with the Navy carrier USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CV...

IAF launches software to predict aircraft accidents

The Indian Air Force has launched an indigenously developed Accident Probability Factor (APF) Calcul...

US Navy's BQM-74E aerial target test-flown with new software

The BQM-74E aerial target – an autonomous unmanned system developed to simulate tactical threats pos...

Lockheed to design new software for US Navy’s MH-60 helicopters

Under a $10 million contract awarded by the Navy, Lockheed will develop a software module for the MH...

Indian software on Su-30 MKIs a hit with NATO

IAF's software experts from Bangalore based Software Development Institute have done a job which mig...

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