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UK Navy's nuke sub HMS Triumph ready for sea trials

The submarine underwent an overhaul for six years and is now ready to touch sea water....

Nerpa's pre-commissioning sea trials from Nov 15

Russia will hand over Akula-II class 'Nerpa' nuclear attack submarine to India by March-April 2010....

Nerpa nuke sub completes third stage sea trials

The Russian-built attack submarine would be leased out to India by the end 2009...

Indian submariners to join Russian sub sea trials

A crew of Indian submariners will join Russia Nerpa nuclear attack submarine sea trials in September...

Russia's Nerpa submarine new sea trials in June

The nuclear powered submarine which was damaged in a fatal accident last year will begin sea trials ...

Frigate Yaroslav Mudry starts final sea trials in Baltic Sea

Russia’s newest frigate Yaroslav Mudry has started its final sea trial at Baltic Sea...

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