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Stage set for countdown as Chandrayaan is mated with rocket

The 52-hour countdown for the blast-off will commence in the early hours of October 20

Russia to deliver 18 more Smerch rocket launchers to India

The two countries inked a pact on the delivery of 18 additional Smerch multiple rocket launch system...

Iran to launch satellite using own rocket: Ahmadinejad

The announcement on Iran's next big step in space would cause further worry in the western capitals...

Over 200 companies help build NASA's new Ares I rocket

More than 200 US companies and workers across 32 states in the US are helping NASA in its mission to...

Ares I rocket clears first hurdle to set record

After 35 years, NASA unveils the preliminary design review of a new generation of rocket launch vehi...

NASA destroys rocket, setback to hypersonic experiments

This is the second disappointment for NASA in just a month. On August 2, NASA's SpaceX Falcon 1 rock...

Russian rocket places Inmarsat satellite into orbit

Proton-M with the Briz-M upper stage and Inmarsat 4F3 satellite was launched from Baikonur at 02:43 ...

NASA completes phase II tests for Ares I rocket

The test on August 15 was the last of 20 in this series, concluding the second of four planned sets ...

India's multi-barrel rocket launcher Pinaka successfully tested

Pinaka is an area weapon system aimed at supplementing the existing artillery gun at a range beyond ...

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