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Taiwan retires 20 fast attack missile boats

The Taiwanese Navy has bid farewell to the 50-tonne Seagull-class missile boats during a ceremony he...

US unlikely to retire U-2 spy planes due to defence cuts

The US may rely on its aging fleet of 33 high-flying U-2 spy planes longer than expected due to defe...

First retired F-16 Falcon arrives at Boeing facility

The fighter aircraft of the US Air Force will be converted into a QF-16 aerial drone by the Boeing a...

Super Frelon helicopters retire from French Navy

The military transport helicopters used in anti-submarine and search and rescue missions bid adieu t...

Every year 50,000-60,000 retire from army: Raju

Indian Minister of State for Defence M M Pallam Raju says "There is no reservation for the posts, on...

Forget the bungalow, retire to Mars!

Rocket scientists are planning the next generation of space vehicles which they claim will put life ...

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