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Raytheon to upgrade US Army's Patriot missiles

The company will upgrade 124 Patriot Guidance Enhanced Missile -Tactical (GEM-T) used by the US Army...

Japan defers Patriot missile deployment plan

The government puts off a plan to deploy the Patriot Advanced Capacity-3 surface-to-air missile syst...

India likely to buy Patriot missile: report

Indian Army has requested the US to make a briefing on the missile defence system ahead of Prime Min...

Kuwait pays $20mn for upgraded Patriot missile parts

The country pays Raytheon Company for the Patriot Configuration-3 system upgrades which would enable...

Raytheon to display Patriot, Hawk XXI missiles

At Aero India show, Raytheon is fielding a host of advanced technologies for fighter aircraft, and s...

'Patriots will be deployed in Poland next year'

Polish defence minister Bogdan Klich says the missiles will be in his country next year...

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