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NASA Mars Lander digs deeper as 90 Martian Days end

The Phoenix's main task for Sol 90 is to scoop up a sample of soil from the bottom of a trench calle...

NASA destroys rocket, setback to hypersonic experiments

This is the second disappointment for NASA in just a month. On August 2, NASA's SpaceX Falcon 1 rock...

NASA constellation programme delayed

As part of an annual budget process that evaluates the programme's budget, schedule and technical pe...

India signs up with NASA for Chandrayaan-1

Calling this global lunar pact ‘landmark’, NASA said that it will allow the eight nations, includin...

NASA completes phase II tests for Ares I rocket

The test on August 15 was the last of 20 in this series, concluding the second of four planned sets ...

Georgia conflict could deny NASA flights to ISS

From 2010 until at least 2015, NASA is fully dependent on Russia for sending its astronauts to the I...

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