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US moon mission passes crucial thermal vacuum test

Ahead of its launch in April next year, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter concludes its environmental...

Study says wobbly planets could reveal Earth-like moons

University College of London astronomer reveals that by looking at wobbles in velocity in moons outs...

Friday's full moon brightest of the year

With the Moon's orbit lying 50,000 km closer to Earth, the full Moon will be this yearsí biggest and...

Venus, Jupiter, Moon appear in conjunction

The three-way conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the Crescent Moon will be spectacular event for sky ...

Cassini looks for source of jets on Saturn's moon

Scientists are looking for clues to see whether the jets on Enceladus originate from an underground ...

Indian Government backs ISRO's manned moon mission

Irrespective of the cost, Centre will fully support ISRO's manned moon mission, assures Antony

Now, Britain ready to launch moon mission

MoonLITE would be a 100 million pound unmanned mission, and would study factors that cause moonquake...

India plans manned space mission in 2015 ahead of manned moon mission

Man lunar mission by the time of proposed next manned moon missions by the US and China in 2020, say...

'We have given India the moon'

India entered an elite club that has presence on the moon, with the Moon Impact Probe crash landing ...

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