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India's manned moon mission by 2020: ISRO

The successful launch of Chandrayaan-I in October last year has given space scientists the confidenc...

NASA partners India on moon mission; faces budget cuts in 2009

The partnership came in the golden anniversary year of NASA, even as financial crunch cast a shadow ...

US moon mission passes crucial thermal vacuum test

Ahead of its launch in April next year, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter concludes its environmental...

Indian Government backs ISRO's manned moon mission

Irrespective of the cost, Centre will fully support ISRO's manned moon mission, assures Antony

Now, Britain ready to launch moon mission

MoonLITE would be a 100 million pound unmanned mission, and would study factors that cause moonquake...

India plans manned space mission in 2015 ahead of manned moon mission

Man lunar mission by the time of proposed next manned moon missions by the US and China in 2020, say...

NASA's next Moon mission begins thermal vacuum test

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter begins series of tests in thermal vacuum to withstand space rigo...

NASA chief congratulates Indian scientists for moon mission

The Indian Moon mission could give valuable insights for NASA’s plan to return a man to the moon in ...

Moon mission had a 'scare' on the eve of launch

A fuel spill created a ‘scare’ during the final countdown of the Moon mission launch, according to I...

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