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China's Chang'e-2 spacecraft enters lunar orbit

The unmanned lunar probe completed its first braking which decelerated it, thereby enabling it to en...

China's Chang'e-2 lunar probe successfully reaches trajectory

The second lunar spacecraft of China which was launched on Friday was maneuvered to correct its traj...

China begins countdown for Chang'e-2 launch

The country’s second lunar probe Chang'e-2 is all set to be launched at 6:59 pm local time on Friday...

China to launch Chang'e-2 satellite on October 1

The second lunar probe has been installed on a Long March 3C launch vehicle, while the third pre-lau...

One partner stumbles in lunar probe for water ice

With the termination of the Chandrayaan-I mission joint search for water ice will not happen soon....

Chinese lunar probe ends, impacts moon

Chang’e-1, named after Chinese moon goddess, impacted the lunar surface after orbiting the moo...

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