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Apache pilots fire first Hellfire missiles in UK

For the first time Hellfire missiles have been fired in the UK in the Joint Warrior war games which ...

Apache helicopters fire Hellfire missiles at sea

British Army Apache helicopters have successfully fired Hellfire missiles against seaborne targets i...

Boeing supports Hellfire test launch from Avenger system

The US Army has conducted the first test launch of an AGM-114 Hellfire missile with support from Boe...

US Army’s new variant Hellfire II missile test fired

The AGM 114R Hellfire II air-to-ground missile system has successfully completed its final 'Proof-of...

US Army tests new variant of HELLFIRE II missile

The multi-purpose AGM 114R HELLFIRE II air-to-ground missile has proved its validity to destroy heav...

Hellfire II missile with live warhead scores a hit

Lockheed Martin has successfully tested the ‘R’ model of the multi-purpose, multi-platform Hellfire ...

US orders additional Hellfire launchers

Lockheed Martin receives a $31.3 million contract modification to provide additional M299 Launchers ...

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