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Satellite records early phase of Gamma Ray Burst

UK astronomers gather information about the early stages of a gamma ray burst - the most violent and...

NASA's Swift catches flares from gamma ray star

Thanks to NASA's Swift satellite and Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope astronomers are watching freque...

Telescope captures 11 billion-year-old gamma ray burst

Scientists say if a similar explosion happened in the galaxy today, it could result in mass extincti...

Gamma ray burst throws light on young galaxy

For the first time, astronomers have identified gas molecules in the host galaxy of gamma-ray burst ...

Swift catches distant gamma ray burst

NASA's Swift satellite finds the farthest ever gamma ray burst arising from an exploding star 12.8 b...

March gamma ray burst was aimed at Earth

Detailed analysis of gamma-ray burst of March 19 shows that the powerful stellar blast was aimed at ...

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