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Indian Air Force's new squadron to fly vintage fighters

IAF plans to equip new squadron with vintage fighters to continue its association with the glorious ...

Gnat fighter aircraft to mark 50th anniversary

IAF, HAL join hands to celebrate golden jubilee of Gnat fighter aircraft


F-35 Joint Strike Fighter breaks sound barrier

The US aviation giant Lockheed Martin announced that its F-35 Joint Strike Fighter crossed the sound...

IAF not yet ready to deploy Women as fighter pilots

It will take some more time for Indian women to don the role of a fighter pilot, says Air Force Chie...

Companies woo Brazil as it looks for new fighter jets

Many aircraft companies are wooing Brazil as it looks to replace its Mirage fighters...

India, Russia to sign fifth generation fighter deal

Even as the two sides finalize the partnership, Indian air force says it wants a twin-seater fighter...

Venezuela eyes Su-35 fighter

After doing a business of $4.4 billion with Russia in the last three years, Venezuela is now keen on...

India to deploy Su-30 fighters in Kashmir

The Srinagar airbase, where the frontline Russian fighters would be placed, is a crucial IAF base al...

Russia to have new fighters for its carrier

The two options being explored are Su-27 KUB and MiG-29K Fulcrum. But before replacement comes, the...

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