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ESA planning mission to track satnav signals for Earth's remote sensing

The technology will intercept satellite navigation signals for terrestrial remote sensing applicatio...

ESA to launch Herschel and Planck mission on May 6

The new date is set after experts carry out final cross-check of Herschel telescope...

Chinese spacecraft to carry bio sample for ESA

Beijing will continue cooperation with other countries in exploring the space, and its space endeavo...

NASA, ESA prioritise missions to outer planets

Officials of both the space agencies agree to pursue studies of mission to Jupiter and its four larg...

ESA approves new research centre in the UK

European ministers agree on the role of space in meeting global challenges, approve setting up of a ...

ESA to unleash 'treasure trove' on YouTube

The European Space Agency is launching its own channel on YouTube to popularize science and space am...

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