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Orbital's cargo ship makes rendezvous with ISS: NASA

Orbital Sciences Corporation's unmanned Cygnus cargo ship on Sunday made rendezvous with the Interna...

Unmanned cargo ship docks with orbiting Space Station

An unmanned cargo ship successfully berthed with the orbiting International Space Station on Sunday ...

Computer mishap delays space station supply ship

A brand new commercial cargo ship making its orbital debut experienced trouble with a computer data ...

US launches unmanned Cygnus cargo ship to ISS

Orbital Sciences Corp launched the first flight of its unmanned Cygnus cargo ship on Wednesday to th...

New commercial cargo vehicle for ISS gears up for operation

Thales Alenia Space has delivered its second Pressurized Cargo Module (PCM) to Orbital Sciences Corp...

Thales Alenia Space delivers first Cygnus PCM

New commercial cargo vehicle for the International Space Station preparing for launch in late 2011....

Dragon, Cygnus: New dawn in space freighter programme

The new space capsules, Dragon and Cygnus, are set to supplement unmanned cargo missions to the Inte...

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