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Antenna assemblies to be installed on first GPS III satellite

The antennas will be installed on the first GPS III space vehicle (SV 01), which Lockheed Martin wil...

Northrop Grumman receives $372 mln contract from USAF

The new antenna system will enable the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber to send and receive battlefield inf...

China plans to install space antenna in Argentina

A delegation has been sent to Argentina to study the possibility of constructing an antenna for its ...

Boeing provides new antenna, batteries for ISS

The parts include six replacement batteries and a space-to-ground antenna (SGANT) with accompanying ...

Discovery crew suffers antenna failure

The big dish antenna failure will hamper the crew’s space shuttle inspection....

Antenna to track Chandrayaan-1 ready

The first-of-its-kind equipment in the country will also support future inter-planetary missions...

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