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Russia to deliver Ka-52K helicopters to Egypt

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Ka-52K helicopter: Russian Helicopters

MOSCOW (TASS-DEFENSE): Russia has agreed to deliver Kamov Ka-52K shipborne helicopters to Egypt, Rostec International Cooperation Department chief, Viktor Kladov, said.

"We have just returned from Egypt. We discussed these issues. The helicopter carriers were initially intended for the Ka-52K rotorcraft. Thus, the helicopters will be used by the ground forces and be based on the Mistral ships," Russian news agency, TASS, quoting Kladov, said.

"I believe that a fundamental decision has been made, the procedure of signing a contract is only a technical issue," he added.

Earlier it was reported that the tender winner who will deliver shipborne helicopters for Egypt’s Mistral ships would be announced in late May.

The Ka-52K is derived from a range of shipborne helicopters operational with the Russia Navy. The range includes the Kamov Ka-25, Ka-27, Ka-29, and Ka-31 rotorcraft.

The helicopter is designed for patrol missions, fire support during amphibious assaults and anti-amphibious assault defence on the frontline and in tactical depth.

Unlike the baseline version, the Ka-52K features folding stub wings specifically upgraded to carry heavy weapons and folding main rotor blades that allow it to compactly fit into an under-deck compartment.

The Ka-52K’s smaller size increases the number of helicopters onboard.

The crew’s armoured cockpit and the ejection system allow pilots to leave the helicopter safely.

The Ka-52K shipborne helicopter has rescue equipment for people in distress at sea.


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