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Russia launches Progress M-04M space freighter

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A file photo of Soyuz rocket launch.

BAIKONUR (BNS): Russia’s Progress M-04M space freighter, boarded on a Soyuz-U carrier rocket, blasted off for the International Space Station early on Wednesday.

The spaceship was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 03:45 GMT. It is expected to dock with the ISS on Friday, RIA Novosti said quoting a Roskosmos official.

“The launch and the separation of the cargo spaceship from the carrier rocket were successful. The docking of the freighter with the ISS is expected at 07:26 Moscow time (04:26 GMT) on Friday,” the official said.

A new generation digitally controlled spaceship, the Progress M-04M is carrying with it over 2.5 tons supplies that include propellant components, scientific equipment, food and water containers, consumables, crew parcels at the ISS.

The orbital station at present is managed by six astronauts from Russia, USA and Japan.

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