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Raytheon demonstrates 3DELRR prototype

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PELHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE (BNS): Raytheon has successfully completed a customer demonstration of a new U S Air Force expeditionary ground-based prototype radar.

The Three-Dimensional Expeditionary Long-Range Radar (3DELRR) will replace the decades old TPS-75 radar system.

The 3DELRR is designed to help defend warfighters against emerging threats by detecting, identifying and tracking fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, missiles and unmanned aircraft.

The demonstration held on 27 June was witnessed by U S Air Force and Marine Corps personnel where the 3DELRR tracked targets of opportunity and maneuvering tactical aircraft.

The advanced 3DELRR prototype also demonstrated integration into the Air Force's next-generation Command and Control node.

The 3DELRR solution is a C-band Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based radar. This combination enables warfighters to detect, identify and track a wide variety of objects very accurately at great distances, Raytheon said.


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