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Raytheon, L-3 complete second successful firing of TALON RRWS

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Talon Laser Guided Rocket. Photo: Raytheon

PARIS (BNS): Raytheon Company and L-3 have demonstrated a second successful test of the TALON Rocket Remote Weapon System (TALON RRWS), an innovative and cost-effective defence solution for small vessel protection.

During the test, Raytheon and L-3 successfully launched a Raytheon TALON laser-guided rocket after the TALON RRWS received positioning information from a remote sensor. Illuminated by a laser designator on the weapon system, the TALON guided to a direct hit of a target.

The test, held this summer, followed a proof-of-principal test in January, Raytheon said.

The TALON was fired from a LAU-68 launcher fitted to L-3's Advanced Remote Weapon Station, using the company's O-N-E 360 situational awareness imaging system, and Sonoma 1205MD turret for laser designation.

TALON RRWS has equipment from L-3's Integrated Optical Systems, Sonoma EO and KEO business units.

"This system represents an affordable and effective solution to the increasing demand for small ship protection from swarming surface threats," said Rick Nelson, vice president of Raytheon's Naval and Area Mission Defense product line.

"Raytheon's TALON, combined with L-3's sensors and Advanced Remote Weapon Station, provides digital, semi-active laser accuracy that is available today."

Designed to carry up to seven TALONs, the self-contained RRWS incorporates an electro-optical sensor and laser designator, together weighing about 500 pounds. It requires only a target queue to engage on-mount target tracking and can be integrated on ships ranging in size from riverine to major surface combatants.

TALON is a cooperative development programme between Raytheon and the United Arab Emirates.


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