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Lockheed tests Paveway II Plus laser guided bomb

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The Paveway II laser guided bomb. A Lockheed Martin Photo

ARCHBALD, USA (BNS): Lockheed-Martin designed Paveway II Plus laser guided bomb has successfully demonstrated its precision striking capabilities during a series of test flights recently.

The Paveway II Plus LGBs, with an enhanced laser guidance package, were test launched from a pair of F-16D Viper aircraft from the Eglin Air Force Base, Florida on March 3, Lockheed announced. A total of six flight tests were conducted for the weapon system.

The bombs were launched from altitudes ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 feet against a 24’ x 24’ billboard target angled at 45 degrees and “successfully initiated laser acquisition at the expected time and guided to the intended target,” Lockheed said.

The Paveway II laser guided bombs are used by the US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps and some allied countries.

Lockheed is a qualified provider of the Paveway II LGB, of all three variants of the Paveway II MK-80 series LGBs, and is the sole provider of the Paveway II Enhanced Laser Guided Training Round and Dual Mode Laser Guided Bomb. The Paveway II Plus LGB is an improvised version of the Paveway II LGB.

The Paveway II LSB is a state-of-the-art, modern system that converts "dumb gravity" bombs into precision guided munitions. The system accuracy allows target destruction while reducing collateral damage and risks to US and allied ground forces.

Each LSB guidance kit consists of a computer control group, which is the front-end guidance system, along with an air foil group, which includes the flight fins to provide lift and stability.

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